Friday, November 10, 2017


The secret to success is making very small, yet
very consistent, changes but sometimes a giant leap
forward does wonders as well.


New Ideas for Today
1. Message of the Day - NO EASY WAY
2. Did You Know?
3. Habit of the Day
4. Family Reminder of the Day
5. Quote of the Day
6. Question of The Day
7. From the Trenches - PRIORITIES
8. More Info

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1. Message of the Day - NO EASY WAY

"Life is difficult" are the first three words in the book, The Road Less Traveled. Those of
us who are Messies can say a hearty "Amen" to that. Living with mess is hard and getting rid of it seems harder still.

Accept the fact that there is no easy way out of this. You will have to put forth effort that
will tire you. You will have to do drudge work of moving and toting things. Worst of all, you will have to make hard decisions to discard beloved items. You will have to stress your brain to decide where to store what you keep.

And you will have to change your habits of behavior. Like putting things up immediately as you finish with them, of straightening as you go, of not letting messes begin. You will have to deny yourself things that charm you for the moment but bring disorder in the long run.

Life will be harder if we do not accept the fact we cannot make changes easily. But with more effort and more discipline, we will find a life of order, beauty, and harmony we had never dreamed existed.

2. Did You Know?

The NEW and IMPROVED K.I.S.S. (KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE) Flipper is available!

The  K.I.S.S. Flipper has fresh ideas on how to move through your home, day by day, room by room, with simple choices for maintenance and organizing. It will gently guide you through the process of creating clear and shining surfaces throughout out your home!

With the NEW K.I.S.S. Flipper all you have to do to is FLIP through the spiral-bound,
sequentially numbered, full-color job idea cards. No more sliding cards into sleeves; 
the NEW K.I.S.S. Flipper is ready to use out of the package.  When you are ready
to begin, make a few simple choices each day from one card and you will be on your
way to a clutter-free and well maintained home.

Introductory price $20.00 US postage included Available  NOW !!!

Go to the link below to order you NEW K.I.S.S. Flipper today.


One of a kind design for home maintenance, The Super Flipper by Sand...

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3. Habit of the Day


Gather ten things to give away. Scoot them out of the house (preferably to the nearest charity) ASAP. If you can't get them to the charity today, put them in the car to be dropped off next trip or store them in the garage to be picked up by the charity.

4. Family Reminder of the Day

Pick one of these reminders or make one of your own to share with your family each day.

In our family, we clear the table and clean the kitchen together.

In our family, we hang up the towels neatly after bathing.

Today's family game plan focus

5. Quote of the Day

"I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand, instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumbnail."

Henry David Thoreau
Philosopher, author

We have too much, do too much, keep too much, love too much, buy too much. Let us give ourselves the gift of simplicity. What can you eliminate from your life?

6. Question of The Day

A while back, we asked whether you had any projects that needed to be started in order to solve problems that have held on too long. But today the question is whether you can name just one boring, half-finished project that needs to be completed. Look around and spy just one thing. Tell us what you see and will start to tackle.

Tell us by posting on Friends-of-The-Organizer-Lady.

7. From the Trenches - PRIORITIES

The order of prioritizing has to be, SELF, FAMILY, OTHERS. Years ago I heard (from the La Leche League) that the best way to implement prioritizing is NEEDS BEFORE WANTS. Keep these two principles in mind and you'll be all set. You need to take care of yourself first, because if you don't, you won't have energy help anyone else. So in effect, taking care of your needs is taking care of others.

Family is next, for obvious reasons, but it's so easy to cast them aside because "they'll understand" while you go help out your neighbors. You must get in the habit of realistically assessing your needs and your family's needs and then figuring out how much energy you have left to give others. Then, once you've given all that you've had left over you're going to have to learn to be hard-hearted and say no. Of course you'll do this
in a polite and friendly manner. "Oh, I really wish that I could, but I'm sorry, I really can't." No excuse is needed although if you wish you may mention some other things that you have to take care of. Most people will accept this except for the most persistent of pests neighbors. Those who are so rude as to insist that their needs come before yours don't deserve to have your help - they're not going to help you when you need them.

(Thanks to Betsy)

8. More Info

This is a simple program. We stick with the basics as they are presented in these messages.  Keep reading. Keep adding one part of the program at a time.

Repetition is important.
Forward to friends if desired but not to other sites.
Read this whole posting or only what you can take in today, then delete it.

Don't forget the daily reminders!!!
The daily Reminders and How-To's are found on our website at "How to Begin"


Please memorize this slogan and post it on your wall.

The secret to success is making very small, yet very consistent, changes.

Or to make it short; Baby steps, baby steps in the right direction.

Never underestimate the inevitability of gradualness.

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THE ORGANIZER LADY® is a registered trademark
of Sandra Felton, founder of Messies Anonymous.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What do you bring to a pot luck???

You can make a BEAUTIFUL salad... (Easy - just put your lettuce in and layer the crudities in triangles that meet in the middle.  You can use anything you like.  In this case I used chopped celery, strawberries, onions, yellow and green peppers, pecans, apples, carrots, raisins, blueberries and mushrooms.  Frame with sliced tomatoes.

Sweet potato salad

Shred sweet potatoes, pour on the juice of 1 lime, add pecans, raisins and cut pineapple. Sweeten with agave.  Frame with pineapple circles.

Mango Coconut Banana Smoothie

Put 1 mango, 1 banana, 3/4 cup cashew milk, 3/4 cup coconut water, 3 medjool dates, and 1 cup of ice in blender.  Blend until smooth.

Salad topped with carrots, raisins, sliced onions, apples, and avocado.

Raw Vegan Coffee Ice Cream

In blender put: 1 cup of cashews, 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup maple syrup, 1/2 tablespoon vanilla, 1
1 tablespoon instant coffee.  Blend until creamy and smooth.

Put mixture in the freezer for 1 hour or in the refrigerator overnight, until well chilled.

Pour the mixture in an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions. Serve immediately or transfer to airtight containers and store in the freezer until ready to serve.

Top with pecans and fresh fruit of your choice.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The BEST noodle recipe EVER!!!!

Okay, I'm not a "green" person.  Unlike some raw foodists, I don't just love vegetables.  I have to mix them up and make them amazing, or I won't eat them.

When I hear raw foodists say, "I eat my vegetables plain," I think "I could never do that!"

So here is a fun recipe!  If you love and miss spaghetti, and if you don't just love "zucchini spaghetti," here is a recipe you will LOVE!!!  (I promise!!!)

I call this "spaghetti with a savory cashew cream sauce."  It is fantastic!

I. Kelp Noodles

1. Open and rinse kelp noodles
2. Soak while you are making the cream sauce
3. I use scissors and cut the kale so the noodles won't be too long.

II. Assorted Raw Veggies

1. Cut up assorted raw vegetables.
2. Use whatever you like.  I always have onions, peppers (all colors), and lots of mushrooms... but you can use any or all of that.
3. Pour water off of the noodles and put the chopped veggies in the bowl with the noodles

III. Cashew cream sauce

1. Blend together 1 cup of cashews and about 3/4 cup water (more or less is okay too!)

2. Add: 1/2 tsp onion powder
3. 1/2 tsp garlic powder
4. 1/2 - 1 tsp salt (to taste)
5. 1 tsp basil
6. 1 tsp dill weed
7. sprinkle of cayenne pepper

Blend until creamy and pour on top of the noodle / vegetable mixture

IV. Wait

Wait for about 10 - 15 minutes.  The noodles will soak up the cashew cream sauce and will become al dente (like spaghetti).  


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Make your salads beautiful!!!

For me, it's much easier to eat a salad when it is eye appealing.

I know I'm a raw foodist... but I am not in love with salads.  Or any other green food.  So in order for me to do salads I turn them into an art project!

For me, it's much easier to eat a salad if it's beautiful.

Sometimes it's just a matter of throwing pretty things together.

Or layering ingredients in a pattern.

The key is... creativity!

Even simplicity can be beautiful.

The important thing is to find a way to make it work for you.

The next time I post I'll give you some simple salad dressing recipes.

Have a Fantastic day!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chia Variations

Use the recipes for Chia, cashew mylk, and cashew cream sauce on the previous post.
You will need those three items to make these recipes.

Chia Parfait

Chia Parfait

Alternate (starting at the bottom)

Cashew cream sauce

Keep alternating until you get to the top of the glass!

Vanilla Chia pudding

Vanilla Chia pudding

Sweeten with maple syrup instead of agave
Add 1 tsp vanilla flavoring to the cashew cream sauce

Chocolate Chia Parfait

Chocolate chia parfait

Same as Chia Parfait (above), except
Add raw chocolate (or carob powder) to the cashew cream sauce
Alternate chia, nuts, berries and cashew cream sauce from the bottom to the top.
Top with berries and pecans.

Chia with Chocolate

Chia with chocolate

Top with bananas, apples, berries pecans
Top with cashew cream sauce
Pour on a little organic chocolate syrup

Chia Breakfast

Chia Breakfast 1:

Chia pudding
Raisins or mulberries
Top with bananas
Top with pecans
Top with almond or cashew mylk

Chia Breakfast 2:

Chia Breakfast 2:

Chia pudding
Raisins or mulberries
Apple, chopped
Banana slices

Chia with blueberries

Chia with blueberries

Chia Pudding
Raisins or mulberries
Top with pecans, blueberries, bananas
Top with cashew cream sauce

Raw Vegan Coleslaw  (DeeLish!!!!)

Raw Vegan Coleslaw

Shred 1/2 Cabbage in your food processor (or by hand)
Shred 2 - 3 Carrots in your food processor (or by hand)
Add juice of 1/2 lime (or lemon)
Add 4 Tablespoons toasted sesame oil (technically this is not raw)
Add 1 Tablespoon honey
Himilayan (or Celtic Sea) salt to taste
Black pepper to taste


Monday, February 1, 2016

Basic Chia Recipe

Basic Chia Recipe

1/4 cup chia seeds
1 cup of nut mylk  (I prefer homemade, it makes the chia seeds swell better))
1 tsp agave, optional
keep stirring chia with a wire whip or fork) until it thickens (maybe the thickness of tapioca pudding or oatmeal or porridge)

Nut mylk
1/3 cup cashews or almonds (or any nut or seed that you like)
3 cups of water
Blend until it turns white and looks like milk

Cashew cream sauce
1 cup of cashews
1/2 - 3/4 cups water
1/4 cup (more or less) agave or maple syrup
Blend until creamy